Tabasco, fifth place in the national ranking of atrocities: Causa Comun

According to the organization Causa en Común, Tabasco ranks fifth in the national ranking of atrocities, with mutilations being a prominent category.

In their “Galería del Horror” (Gallery of Horror), Causa en Común details that during the first five months of the year, a total of 112 acts of barbarism characterized by extreme cruelty have occurred in the state. Tabasco is surpassed by Guerrero and Baja California, which have reported 133 and 141 incidents, respectively, as well as Guanajuato with 168.

Among the atrocities recorded in the state, mutilations take the lead with 23 incidents, followed by torture (17 cases), extreme cruelty in the murder of women (15 cases), and aggravated rape (10 cases). Other barbaric acts include eight instances of terrorism, seven clandestine graves, and four cases each of massacre, incineration, murder of children and adolescents, attempted lynching, and violent acts against authority.

Additionally, there were two murders of journalists, two of vulnerable individuals, two of security officials and relevant actors, and two instances of violence in the state. Finally, there was one case each of political assassinations, lynching, slavery, human trafficking, and violence against migrants.

These incidents were documented in 107 news articles, affecting a total of 146 victims. In terms of the type of atrocity, Tabasco stands out primarily for mutilations, sharing the top spot with the state of Morelos. Both states lead the list, and March accounted for 24% of the atrocities recorded in the “Galería del Horror.”

According to Causa en Común, an “atrocity” is intentionally using physical force to cause death, laceration, or extreme mistreatment; causing the death of a large number of people; targeting vulnerable individuals or those of political interest; and/or provoking terror.

Source: El Heraldo de Tabasco