“Coconut Craft,” a Very Coastal Concept

“Todo de Coco” (All About Coconut) is a family-owned business that started 40 years ago in Zihuatanejo under the guidance of Mr. Salvador Armenta Galeana, who passed away five months ago but left his legacy to his daughters.

His daughters are responsible for keeping alive the craftsmanship of a product abundant in the region: coconut. From this fruit, they create jewelry, containers, lamps, handbags, belts, kitchen utensils, and more, explained Ángeles Marcela Armenta Montes.

She pointed out that, to evolve in the craft-making process, they have now implemented the fusion of coconut with palm bags.

The production of these types of crafts varies in time, ranging from 15 to 40 minutes, using rustic tools.

As a handmade craft, the costs also vary, ranging from 60 to 150 pesos.

This craft is sought after by foreign tourists, and even hotel industry entrepreneurs seek it to add greater identity to their businesses.

Source: Meganoticias