Adrián de la Garza is the Virtual Winner of Monterrey, Calls for Reconciliation with Samuel García

The counting figures highlight that Mariana Rodríguez lost at polling station 1410 contiguous 2, located in the Colonia Del Paseo, where she voted, as according to official data she obtained 165 votes.

The State Electoral Institute confirmed the victory in the mayorship of Monterrey for Adrián de la Garza with 7.65 points, 38.12 percent of the votes, 201,172 in his favor, prompting the PRI member to call on Governor Samuel García to respect the will of the citizens and to set aside differences to work in coordination.

According to the final results, Mariana Rodríguez of Movimiento Ciudadano obtained 30.47 percent of the votes, amounting to 160,825 votes, after the counting of polling stations.

The vote difference in favor of the candidate from Fuerza y Corazón por México was 40,347 votes.

In the coming days, the Municipal Electoral Commission will deliver the certificate of majority to De la Garza, accrediting him as the new Mayor of Monterrey for the third time.

As the virtual mayor-elect of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza Santos called on all three levels of government to work together for the good of the community.

“As a citizen of Monterrey, we want the city to do well, and we leave behind polarization and differences. Our state needs governments focused on solving problems, and that is the mission I have set for myself.

“I reiterate that my work starts now. I will carry out a serious, professional, and orderly transition process that allows me to understand the status of the different areas of the municipal government and that will serve as a basis for the great plans that begin on the first day of my administration. It is time to come together and work for our community, for Monterrey, for Nuevo León, it is time to look forward,” he affirmed.

In addition to thanking the citizens for their trust in him to manage the state capital again, he congratulated Claudia Sheinbaum, who will be the first female president of Mexico, and offered institutional collaboration to achieve any project beneficial for the country and the city.

He reiterated his call to the state government to leave the electoral process behind.

“The election has ended, it is time to leave differences behind, we must build the future together because our true power lies in the ability to unite efforts to always resolve with respect and a spirit of collaboration.

“Once again, I extend my hand to the Governor of the State as a sign of unity. I invite him to govern together for the good of Monterrey and Nuevo León, and I call on him not to interfere with the autonomy of the electoral authorities so that they can conclude the process with order and legality,” he requested.

For the current municipal administration, he also had a message, requesting that to immediately begin the transition process, once he receives his certificate of majority, to understand the conditions of the administration and implement the corresponding processes for strategic planning so that the projects he will implement are felt from the first day.


Adrián de la Garza was the contender against Samuel García in the last state election won by the MC member. However, the now governor, since the beginning of his administration in October 2021, declared that the PRI member is his enemy, accusing him of going against him and his family by accusing them of corruption, which led to a permanent discourse of verbal aggression against the now winner of Monterrey.

He even vetoed him from becoming the Attorney General of Justice and unleashed a confrontation against the deputies of PRIAN, whom, along with De la Garza and some leaders of both parties, he publicly accused of being bandits, thieves, shameless, and encouraged society to drive out of Nuevo León what the governor calls “old politics.”

Source: La Silla Rota