Water for the Metropolitan Area is now drinkable, the drought is behind us: Samuel García

Foto: AFP

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, stated that the water supply for the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey is now drinkable and the water crisis is behind us, because the dams are at a storage level of over 85%.

“With the dams full, there is no longer a drought in Nuevo León. The drought is behind us,” said the governor.

However, he urged citizens to take care of the water and consume a maximum of 16,000 liters per second during the summer, because currently 17,480 liters per second are consumed, which is not sustainable.

The governor explained that in Santa Catarina, the restoration of the supply has been complex due to the damage to the infrastructure in the Huasteca area, Valle Poniente and the town center. After Hurricane Alex, a pipeline was built on the Santa Catarina River, and with Tropical Storm Alberto, which “came with more water than expected, the pipeline was washed away.”

On his social networks, the mayor of Santa Catarina, Jesús Nava, acknowledged that the city’s supply depends on more than 80% of a single pipe located in the Santa Catarina River. “This must change, we cannot risk repeating the tragedy caused by Alberto.”

However, residents of Arboledas de las Mitras, Colinas de Santa Catarina, Colina Blanca, Misión de Santa Catarina Sector 4, among other neighborhoods, have complained that they have been without water for three weeks, so they urgently ask for a definitive repair of the pipeline to be accelerated.

How will they solve the lack of water in Santa Catarina?

The governor detailed that maneuvers have been carried out, first with polyethylene and concrete pipes, and until “finding a steel dock that we were able to reestablish, but it is provisional. However, now we will begin to build a pipe that will cross the city, outside the river so that Santa Catarina never runs out of water again.”

How are the dams in Nuevo León after Alberto? The president warned that there were several forecasts about the path of hurricane Beryl and Nuevo Leon already has almost full three dams, but if the hurricane had arrived there would be great damage and zero profit, “it would have been catastrophic.” Now that it is known that its path changed towards Houston, Texas; here the rains will continue with 40 to 50 millimeters, which will allow the aquifer to be charged.

According to data from the National Water Commission (Conagua), the Cerro Prieto dam has a storage of 270.789 million cubic meters, so it is 90.26% full; in turn, La Boca is at 97.60%, with a storage of 34.160 million cubic meters, and the largest dam, El Cuchillo, has a volume of 940.749 million cubic meters, which means it is at 83.76% capacity.

However, water is not yet being extracted from Cerro Prieto, and in the case of the Libertad dam, the governor assured that it must be ready by August 7, when President Andrés López Obrador will come, accompanied by President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum.

Source: eleconomista