A respite for Guadalajara! Lake Chapala recovers after heavy rains

Lago de Chapala.

Lake Chapala, the largest in Mexico and the main water supplier to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG), managed to recover after the intense rains that have been recorded during the last few days.

According to the mayor of Chapala, Alejandro Aguirre, this body of water reached a better level, recovering at least 5% of its capacity, however, the alert continues, since it is still below 50 percent.

“It is at 38% or 39% but it was at 32% without being very exact, but we can definitely talk about a 5% recovery with the beginning of the rainy season,” he said.
The mayor told the local media El Occidental that tourism, the main source of income for merchants in the municipality, recovered with the arrival of the rainy season.

It should be remembered that at the end of June, when the rains were just beginning to fall in the ZMG, Lake Chapala had a capacity of 35.28%, between three and four points. “We hope that the lake recovers and that the dams in the other states also reach their level so that they can begin to open and continue to receive water to Chapala,” the mayor continued to the aforementioned media.

Finally, Aguirre assured that he hopes that the federal government pays more attention to this lake, for its maintenance, given that it provides 60% of the supply to the municipalities of the metropolis.

It is expected that this important body of water will recover more of its capacity, given that the rainy season has just begun, and there are still some months of heavy rainfall left.

Source: tribunaldelabahia