UFOs save southern Tamaulipas again? Legend resurfaces with ‘Beryl’ detour to the US

The path of hurricane Beryl is increasingly towards the south and center of Texas, which will only leave rain on the border of Tamaulipas.

According to the forecast of the Civil Protection authorities of Tamaulipas, the hurricane, after reaching the Gulf of Mexico, will be projected towards the south of the United States. Therefore, it was estimated that it could have an impact in the north of Tamaulipas and the central part of the state.

‘Beryl’, would enter some point in South-Central Texas early Monday morning as a category 1 hurricane with winds of 140 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 175 kilometers per hour.

It is detailed that “there will still be slight adjustments in its path. There are favorable conditions in the Gulf of Mexico for greater intensification.”

Civil Protection authorities in Tampico said that “if the current forecast remains in place, there will be periods of moderate to heavy rain and gusts of wind between 50-70 kilometers per hour in Matamoros and Valle Hermoso, during Sunday and part of Monday, with accumulated winds of 60-80 millimeters.

There will also be periods of moderate rain and gusts of wind between 45-65 kilometers per hour in Reynosa, Díaz Ordaz and San Fernando, during Sunday and part of Monday, with accumulated winds of 10-30 millimeters.

UFOs: Did They Do It Again?

Are Otherworldly Beings Among Us? The urban legend that there is a UFO base in front of Miramar beach is reinforced again due to the effects that could have been generated by the passage of hurricane ‘Beryl’ through the Gulf of Mexico.

During the week, Governor Américo Villarreal Anaya announced that the hurricane represented serious concern, since due to the forecasts it was expected that once in the Gulf of Mexico it would head towards the coast of Tamaulipas and impact at the height of the Carboneras ejido in San Fernando.

In the publication he also recalled that it was the same trajectory of hurricane “Emily”, which 19 years ago caused great destruction in the entity.

On June 20, tropical storm Alberto hit the municipality of Madero during the early morning, however the effects did not cause great damage, and most of the population did not even know the exact moment it hit land.

Some UFO researchers announced that by following the trajectory of storm Alberto through satellite, they were able to see how the natural phenomenon split in two upon reaching the area.

They reported that prior to the impact of Alberto, some people claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects in different parts of southern Tamaulipas.

Legend indicates that at a considerable depth in front of Miramar there are beings from another world that protect us from the impact of hurricanes, as there is no logical explanation for the change in their trajectory at the last minute.

Source: milenio