Querétaro Municipality achieves 100% operation of the Qrobici system

QUERÉTARO, Qro., June 5, 2024.- Rodrigo Vega, secretary of mobility for the municipality of Querétaro, announced that the Qrobici bicycle sharing system has reached 100% operability.

This achievement is due to a series of maintenance and updates, including the rehabilitation of 50 stations, from painting jobs to updating several pieces of hardware. In addition, the Qrobici mobile application has been renewed and spare parts for the bicycles, such as chains and tires, have been purchased.

Vega acknowledged that daily maintenance of the system is a constant challenge and that vandalism remains a problem, but stressed that all stations are currently operational. Of the 50 rehabilitated stations, 8 are not installed and are in storage due to works on Avenida 5 de Febrero.

The municipality is in talks to determine new locations for these stations, and three of them already have an assigned place. The new locations were decided in meetings with cyclists from the capital, who shared their needs with municipal authorities. Mayor Luis Nava pledged to listen to and address these demands, resulting in concrete solutions. Currently, the Qrobici app has 30,801 registered users, reflecting exponential growth in its adoption and use.

Source: queretaro.quadratin