Luna Eva. A collective poetic chant to love and hope arrives at the Palacio de las Bellas Artes

Featuring acts of hair suspension, hand-to-hand balance, acrobatics mixed with dance (acrodance), eccentric juggling, pole, aerial ribbons, and Cyr wheel, the show will tell seven stories that arise as daydreams while singing a lullaby, immersed in the immeasurable love experienced with the birth of a daughter and the death of a grandmother during the COVID-19 lockdown that recently marked the world.

Everything happens at night. In each of its seven phases, Luna Eva, in its waxing or waning, will reveal a secret of life, an encounter, a mission, a mystery, a love, a farewell, a joy, and an illusion.

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (Inbal), through the National Coordination of Theater and the company Cirko de Mente, present Luna Eva. A collective poetic chant to love and hope, a space designed as an installation by visual artist Alain Kerriou —who has also designed the costumes and lighting— and the valuable contribution full of sound atmospheres by vocal artist and composer Juan Pablo Villa, who performs the original music live and is also one of the characters.

This contemporary circus show, which addresses the cycles of life from the realm of dreams, will be presented on June 29 at 20:00 h in the Main Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Under the direction of Andrea Peláez González, the staging has been recognized for the beauty of its aesthetics and the great interpretive skill of the artists Andrea Salas, Emiliano Gallardo, Fernanda Palacios, Leonardo Costantini, Nallely Lima, and Óscar Ontiveros.

At night, in the territory of dreams, anything is possible, seven passengers of a small ship receive signals from Luna Eva, that satellite that reflects sunlight and changes every night. Regardless of the small size of the boat, the journey is underway, life in transit holds mysteries on the horizon, the Moon grows and wanes, disappears and fills again, the tides rise and fall.

On this vessel, one must learn to contain and release, to accompany, to trust in the light reflected by the wise Luna Eva, the first light, the one that touches, the one that guides in the deepest darkness and fills with hope and love. It speaks of the cycles and spatiotemporal intersections of arrivals and departures, of the spirals, of the cycles, of existence in its magical dimension.

In this circus staging, the sonorities are generated live, interacting with the performances of the interpreters. The scenic space will be conceived as a plastic, sound, and circus installation, using a self-supporting structure for aerial numbers, a mast, a prow, a water mirror, and two Moons (self-illuminated mirrors that reflect light, directed by the artists on stage) evoking the high seas atmosphere on a very small fishing vessel deck.

The general aesthetics of the lighting, scenography, and costumes are minimalist with the intention of focusing the viewer’s attention on the live-executed scenic events, on the deep sensations and emotions of the events narrated through a discourse of movement of high technical level in contemporary circus, visual, and musical.

The technical direction will be in charge of Leonardo Costantini, the production coordination is by Emiliano Gallardo, the clown consultancy by Jesús Díaz, and the “Tango” consultancy by Claudia Lora and Carlos Blanco.

Source: Press Release