Querétaro ranks first in Rule of Law for third consecutive year according to WJP

Querétaro stands out in areas such as limits on government power and criminal justice.

Que genera World Justice Project

For the third consecutive year, Querétaro obtained first place in the Mexican Rule of Law Index (IEDM), which in its 2023-2024 edition diagnosed that the entity leads in five of the eight factors analyzed by the international citizen organization World Justice Project, and which reflects the efforts made by different authorities from the local level to strengthen institutions.

During the presentation of the results, which was witnessed by the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, the citizen organization announced that in the sixth edition of the IEDM, Querétaro stands out in areas such as Limits to government power, Absence of corruption, Fundamental rights, Regulatory compliance, and Criminal justice, highlighting that in Absence of corruption and Criminal justice the state has led the ranking in the six editions of the Index.

At this event, held at the Franz Meyer Museum in Mexico City, World Justice Project Executive Director Elizabeth Anderson warned that most of the country still faces persistent challenges, but acknowledged that there are important exceptions that show clear progress in certain key aspects of the rule of law.

Thanking attendees for their commitment to the pursuit of a more just society, Elizabeth Anderson expressed confidence that the new edition of the Index will serve as inspiration for conversations that contribute to the development of policies that improve people’s lives.

“We are eager to learn from these champions and for them to inspire other states. Our work in Mexico has been effective in promoting change and has been a model for our global strategy on how to expand our impact on public policies in other regions and countries,” she said.

World Justice Project

As part of this presentation, the Global Head of Advocacy at the World Justice Project, Alejandro González, led the discussion Challenges and Proposals for the Future, where he highlighted that in addition to the constant results in criminal justice, in recent years there has been an upward trend in improvements to the civil justice system in Querétaro.

“Well deserved, third consecutive year leading the ranking and I share with you, colleagues, that Querétaro leads in five of the eight factors,” he revealed.

Within this exercise, the presiding magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice, Mariela Ponce Villa, highlighted that what distinguishes Querétaro is the coordination between institutions for the benefit of citizens, in the various areas corresponding to different authorities and the three branches of the State.

“I want to mention that the budget that we reasonably justify for this fiscal year 2024, the constitutional Governor of the state and in coordination with the Legislature, granted it 100% to the Judicial Branch. And that has allowed us to make great changes internally to better respond to the outside world,” she acknowledged.

Reflecting on the progress and current challenges, Mariela Ponce shared that the Index is very important, because the Rule of Law is a balance and a combination of how the Constitution regulates the role of the State, of the authorities, and limits their power over citizens.

With a presence in 142 countries and jurisdictions, the World Justice Project is an independent and multidisciplinary organization that has been working since 2007 to raise awareness and stimulate action to advance the Rule of Law worldwide.

For the sixth edition of the IEDM, more than 600 variables were analyzed, generated from a survey of the general population applied to 12,800 people, as well as questionnaires to more than two thousand specialists in the field of justice and public health, in addition to information produced by other institutions.

Source: radioformula