Durango in the top of entities with Foreign Direct Investment

According to the Ministry of Economy, Durango is among the top 10 states with a record for Foreign Direct Investment.

Taking into account the announcements up to May 31, Durango leads the receiving states with an investment of 1.1 billion dollars.

In this regard, Governor Esteban Villegas, highlighted that this is the first time that Durango appears on the investment map, which accredits it with a degree of productivity.

In this way, he expressed confidence that the state will remain within this range, because, in addition to being among the top ten with the highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the count still needs to consider other investments already made, which will be positive, since it is a boost to the economy and international trade.

“This is already a reality, I think we are going to stay there,” said the governor, emphasizing that his administration is characterized by promoting the state in his work trips abroad, as a land with great human capital, an energy reserve, industrial lodging and qualified labor, benefits that have been attractive for investment.

Finally, the state executive announced that at the end of next July, the Sensata company will be inaugurated, dedicated to the manufacture of sensors, with which the economic growth of Gómez Palacio will continue, with the creation of 3 thousand direct jobs, which are added to the various companies recently installed in the Comarca and other municipalities.

Source: es-us.noticias.yahoo