These are the 13 most reliable Chinese car brands in Mexico

An evaluation carried out by the leasing company BitCar rated the reliability of 25 Chinese brands present in the country.

Of the 25 Chinese car brands with a presence in Mexico, only 13 are reliable, according to the BitCar 2024 Chinese Heat Map analysis.

Each brand on the heat map is evaluated according to 8 criteria that allow its level of reliability to be validated, or rather, the certainty they provide, according to Andrés Luna, head of the study.

Among the variables considered are the brand’s marketing potential in China and Mexico, the planning of manufacturing plants in our country, the size of its portfolio, the types of engines of the vehicles for sale, the warranty they offer and the number of distribution points they have set up.

Likewise, the specialist highlights the importance of analyzing the evolution of this segment in the midst of a changing panorama in the industry.

From November to May of last year, the number of active Chinese brands in Mexico increased by 32%. In the 2023 edition, the map considered the 19 Chinese brands then present in Mexico.

The 25 Chinese brands already represent 8% of the car sales recorded in the country.

The most reliable Chinese brands with a presence in Mexico
The top three of the new Chinese Heat Map places MG Motor at the top, with an evaluation of 82, followed by JAC, with 75, and BYD in third place, with 70.

Chirey occupies the fourth position, with an evaluation of 65, followed in reliability by JMC, BAIC, Haval, Ora, Tank and Poer, all with an evaluation of 63.

Omoda and Jaecoo with 62, followed by Geely, with 60, complete the list by obtaining 60 points or more in the evaluation.

According to Andrés Luna, the Chinese brands that are emerging as leaders in Mexico this year are MG Motor, BYD, Chirey, Geely and the Great Wall Motors brands (Havarl, Ora, Tank and Poer), since all of them have achieved a network of distributors with an average of 45 agencies nationwide in the short term.

Source: forbes