Man Linked to Process for Alleged 20 Million Pesos Fraud; His Arrest Caused Controversy

The individual implicated in a 20 million pesos fraud case is Julio César ‘B’. The subject’s arrest sparked controversy when it was mistaken for a ‘levantón’ (a kidnapping).

According to the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, Julio César ‘B’ allegedly posed as a lawyer for a company and, through deception, obtained the rights to the financial corporation in 2017.

Using this guarantee, the accused filed a commercial lawsuit with a promissory note in Mexico City.

“As a result of this person’s unlawful behavior, they allegedly gained a benefit of 20 million pesos for themselves. In pursuit of justice, the aggrieved party reported the incident,” emphasized the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

Recently, the individual was located in Mexico City (CDMX), prompting the involvement of the capital’s prosecutor’s office.

Investigation police officers apprehended the accused in the Benito Juárez borough. The arrest of Julio César ‘B’ was publicized, mistakenly associated with an abduction (‘levantón’).

The CDMX Prosecutor’s Office clarified that it was indeed an arrest, and the subject was restrained by the neck.”

It’s unfortunate when legal matters become entangled with misunderstandings.

Source: Debate