Video Circulates of Alleged Massacre of Hitmen in Chiapas

On Friday, a graphic video circulated on social media showing several corpses of alleged hitmen. These individuals were equipped with ammunition belts or vests and AK-47 rifles, lying in the bed of a dump truck.

Apparently, they were killed shortly before the video was recorded.

Among the lifeless bodies, other men walk—presumably their assassins—also armed with assault rifles and ammunition belts. The video even captures one of the men delivering a fatal shot to the head of a victim lying in the truck bed.

National media outlets reported that these events occurred in the state of Chiapas and involved a violent clash between members of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) and the Chiapas-Guatemala Cartel (CCG).

It’s worth noting that while some sources claim the deceased are from the Sinaloa Cartel, others suggest they actually belong to the CCG.

Diario Cambio 22, a media outlet, published a note stating: ‘Bloody Video Summarizes the Escalation of Violence in Chiapas… (a video) allegedly made by members of the Chiapas and Guatemala Cartel (CCyG), claiming to have killed 30 members of the Sinaloa Cartel who had taken control of Jaltenango de la Paz, the main town in the municipality of Ángel Albino Corzo.

In the video, While recording it with a cellphone, a man begins speaking (addressing those who will watch the video).

Among other things, including profanities, the man utters phrases like: ‘Look at how the Guatemalans ended up… the truck is full… about 30 damn bodies here… this is their breed, Vladimir, with the support of that damn pig Ataulfo…’

He then orders the others to remove all weapons and magazines, shouting ‘Long live the ugly one, pure Sinaloa!’ and asserting that they will do the same to anyone who opposes them.

The video concludes with photos of the weapons allegedly carried by the deceased, along with a message ‘signed’ by the Chiapas-Guatemala Cartel.

Reports indicate that the southern border of Mexico, especially the Chiapas-Guatemala region, has experienced heightened tension in recent months due to armed clashes between criminal groups. ‘Los Chapitos’ and the Chiapas-Guatemala Cartel are mentioned as they vie for control of different regions in Chiapas, resulting in dozens of fatalities. Official information from authorities remains scarce.

Source: Debate