‘Chris’ leaves rivers of mud and garbage in streets of Veracruz due to flooding: VIDEO

Cyclone Chris entered Veracruz last night as a tropical storm, leaving various impacts in its aftermath, including rivers of mud and garbage and severe flooding due to torrential rains.

The National Water Commission (Conagua) reported that the center of the tropical storm made landfall in the town of Lechuguillas at 10:50 PM with wind gusts of 85 kilometers per hour.

The phenomenon caused heavy rains in the northeastern, eastern, and southeastern parts of the country. Authorities issued alerts due to the cyclone’s proximity, resulting in school closures and the suspension of carnival festivities.

Once on land, Chris weakened to a tropical depression; however, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) warned that it would still bring torrential rains as it passed over the central and eastern parts of the country.

Chris’s rains led to river overflow, isolated communities, preventive evacuations, and severe flooding in Veracruz.

The most affected areas were municipalities in the central mountainous and coastal zones of the state. Rapid-response rivers, such as the Misantla and Kilate, overflowed and exceeded their Maximum Ordinary Water Levels (NAMO).

Streets turned into rivers of mud and garbage.

The floods damaged roads and highways, cutting off communities in Misantla along the road to Xalapa and the one leading to Martínez de la Torre.

Colonies and communities in Nautla, Gutiérrez Zamora, and San Rafael were also affected.

In Rafael Delgado, a landslide caused an avalanche of mud, rocks, and tree trunks, impacting over 100 families in the Omiquila hill area.

In Tlilapan, streets transformed into rivers of mud and garbage due to a hillside collapse.

In the Tenantitla community in Benito Juárez, the stream’s current washed away the bridge, affecting residents of the nearby localities of Tolico and Zapata.

Source: Milenio