Tourist Criticized on Social Media for ‘Romanticizing’ His ‘Survival’ in Tulum After the Impact of ‘Beryl’

La joven se vio obligada a 'bajar' su video ante la ola de críticas. Foto TikTok

A Chilean tourist who was in Tulum, Quintana Roo, during the impact of Hurricane ‘Beryl’, was harshly criticized on social media when she shared a video of the ‘luxurious’ shelter in which she was to take shelter.

And social media users pointed out that Malú, as she appears in her TikTok profile, was speaking ‘from her privilege’, and that she should be more empathetic with the people who were truly affected by the hurricane, and who are exposed to inclement weather.

Where was that luxurious shelter?

And in the video that the tourist shared from the luxurious hotel ‘Xcaret’, you can see that in the shelter where she was there are individual stretchers, and some reclining ones.

She also showed that she was given a personal hygiene kit with a razor, toothbrush, lip balm, body cream and makeup remover.

She also showed that “we have a lot of food and nice bathrooms,” and finally she appears next to her companion with the caption: “We hope to survive.”

“It’s in very bad taste to ‘romanticize’ a hurricane from a position of privilege,” or “Man, it reminded me of the scene from the Titanic where the first class people thought they would be saved in the boats because they were hoarding.”

A round of applause for the workers who, despite the contingency, are at the service of guests and look after their well-being.

“And here I am tying up my water tank so that Beryl doesn’t take it away,” was one of the funniest comments.

Source: nmas