23-year-old Paola leaves a club, takes a DiDi and disappears in Baja California

Paola Andrea Bañuelos Flores desaparecida en Baja California | Especial

Paola, only 23 years old, went to a nightclub with her cousin. When she left, she took a taxi from a DiDi application, however, nothing was known about her.

The young woman was last seen on July 7, 2024, so her family is desperate to find out something about her in Mexicali, Baja California.

How Paola Bañuelos disappeared

Her cousin posted on Facebook that she had taken a black DiDi Versa brand and it was around 2:20 in the morning that they no longer knew her whereabouts.

Paola Andrea Bañuelos Flores, who is a psychology student, went to the nightclub called “La consentida”, and was wearing a white tank top with horizontal black stripes, earrings and a skirt.

“Last night we went to the “La consentida” club and when she left she left in a black DiDi Versa brand. Since 2:20 in the morning we have not heard from her, any information would be very helpful, she is 23 years old, she was wearing these clothes and she is a psychology student.”

In order to identify the young woman, a file has been created by the State Prosecutor’s Office, where she was described as 1.57 meters tall, thin build, straight brown hair down to her shoulders, white complexion, small brown eyes and thick eyebrows.

Although the Prosecutor’s Office shared Paola’s last location, the family reiterated that a mistake had been made, since the subdivision where she actually lives is in Independencia, and she was wearing a skirt, not pants.

If you have information, you can contact the Specialized Unit for Investigation and Forced Persecution of Persons Committed by Individuals at (686) 904 6600, extensions 4029, 4064, 4288 and 4391. Also at the numbers 089 and 911.

How to make an anonymous report?

Making an anonymous report is an important option to report criminal activities without exposing yourself to possible reprisals. Here we explain how you can make one in Nuevo León.

Telephone report:

  • Call the number designated for anonymous reports, in this case, 089 in Nuevo León.
  • An operator will answer your call and ask you for details about the situation you wish to report.
  • Provide the requested information in a clear and concise manner.
  • The operator will provide you with a folio number that will be used to follow up on your report.
  • The report will be officially and confidentially channeled to the corresponding agency for investigation.
  • The case will be followed up until its resolution.
  • In some cases, citizens will be notified about the status of their report.

Online reporting:

  • Access the website designated for making online reports.
  • Complete the form providing the required information about the situation you wish to report.
  • Make sure to include all relevant details and provide accurate information.
  • Send the form once you are sure you have provided all the necessary information.
  • Once received, the report will be processed by the competent authorities for investigation.

How to report a missing person?

If a family member or acquaintance is missing in Nuevo León, you must go to the facilities of the Specialized Immediate Search Group or any nearest Orientation and Reporting Center (CODE) to file a report.

What requirements do I need to report a disappearance?

In order to report the disappearance of a person, you must bring some documents to be delivered to the authorities and with this, begin the investigation into the case to find their whereabouts.


  • Official Identification, preferably a valid voter ID or passport (original and copy)
  • Photograph of the missing person.
  • If possible, bring birth or marriage certificates that justify the relationship you have with the missing person.

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