General Motors and Tesla Collaborate to Establish 1,000 Charging Points in Mexico

General Motors (GM) Mexico has joined forces with Tesla to create a network of 1,000 charging points across Mexico. This strategic partnership aims to promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the country.

GM Mexico is dedicated to accelerating the transition to EVs among Mexican consumers. With Tesla’s support, the company is building an extensive charging infrastructure nationwide. These 1,000 charging points will play a crucial role in facilitating EV growth.

During the General Motors Mexico Annual Distributor Convention, Francisco Garza, President and CEO, emphasized their goal of achieving leadership in electric vehicle sales. Charging infrastructure is a key component of this strategy. Collaborating with Tesla also opens up opportunities for increased car sales in Mexico.

GM already offers the electric Lyriq model from Cadillac in Mexico. Soon, the Equinox and Chevrolet Blazer, both 100% electric, will be available, along with Cadillac’s Optiq model later this year. Meanwhile, Tesla has achieved remarkable success in Mexico. In 2023, the Model Y was the best-selling electric car, and the Model 3 ranked fifth. Expanding the charging network further encourages consumers to choose Tesla EVs.

Last year, GM announced a partnership with Tesla in North America to establish a charging infrastructure ecosystem. Starting in 2024, GM electric vehicles will include an NACS (North American Charging Standard) adapter, ensuring compatibility with Tesla’s charging network. By 2025, new cars will come equipped with a Tesla charging connector.

Carlos de la Mora Alonso, GM Mexico’s Electric Vehicle Product Manager, stated that they are working with distributors to deploy these charging devices at sales points nationwide. The charging network is expected to be operational by August-September 2025.

Francisco Garza revealed undisclosed investments, part of a $1 billion technological transformation at the manufacturing plant. Additionally, GM collaborates with the Mexican government to implement incentives for EV adoption. “We’re committed to leading the way in electric vehicles,” Garza affirmed.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada