French Teacher Criticizes Not Being Allowed to Fail Students in Mexico

A French teacher has caused a stir on social media by sharing her bitter experience in Mexico’s private education system. Known as Vivi_Voyage on TikTok, the teacher harshly criticized the teaching methodology, arguing that she was not allowed to fail students, even when they submitted blank exams.

A disillusioned TikToker recounts her time working as a French teacher in a Mexican school. To her surprise, she was not permitted to fail students, not even if they turned in blank exams.

Vivi_Voyage, a French model and teacher, has been living in Mexico for several years and has already sparked controversy on social media with her opinions. In a recent video, she shared her experience as a French teacher in a private school. Her opening statement was damning:

“I have a problem with education in Mexico.”

According to Vivi_Voyage, she worked at an expensive Mexican school where the quality of education was lacking:

“I worked for a quite expensive school in Mexico. My students were terrible; they couldn’t do anything.”

“Students Are Customers in Mexico”

Unfortunately, she had few tools to help them learn. She couldn’t even fail them to show where they needed improvement:

“Even when they handed in blank exams, I would ask the principal, ‘What should I do? Should I give them a zero?’ And they told me, ‘No, no, no, we don’t do that here.'”

This led the French TikToker to a sad conclusion:

“Apparently, in Mexico, a student is not a student; they’re a customer.”

She ended her video wondering about the fate of professionals who graduate ill-prepared from such schools:

“When they become dentists, they’ll have their diploma, but they’ll break someone’s tooth. What kind of mentality is that? What will they do as adults? It’s rubbish.”

While some users accused the teacher of “insulting Mexican children,” others agreed with her. For instance, one user wrote:

“Absolutely true. I worked at a private university, and they fired me because more than half the students failed, and the goal was to pass everyone.”

Source: Nmas