Soltero Fest 2024 in Guanajuato: when will it be?

Soltero Fest 2024 Guanajuato

If you see that 2024 has already entered its final stage and you are still turning San Antonio upside down or traveling alone, perhaps these options will interest you if you are determined to leave being single: these are the Soltero Fest in Guanajuato and the Callejoneada de Solteros 2024.

It turns out that Guanajuato, a tourist city par excellence, offers this Soltero Fest for single men and women and hopes that this 2024 tourists and single travelers will attend these events.

When will the Soltero Fest 2024 be held in Guanajuato?

According to the page of the Guanajuato Business Coordinating Council (CCEG), on social networks, from Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21, Guanajuato capital will be the venue for Soltero Fest 2024.

This event, they indicate, will be dedicated to the search for love, which is why various activities are included, including street parties for flirting, multisensory dinners, blind tastings and other events.

Likewise, the organizers, among which are added the hotel and restaurant sector, the chambers of commerce, bars and the tunas, declare themselves ready for Soltero Fest 2024 that will begin with a pool party at the Gran Plaza hotel. To see the rest of the activities, you can visit the website

The activities include:

Pool party
Cupid’s welcome party
Mask party
Callejoneadas de despecho
Callejoneadas de flirtación
Prank weddings
Singing and dancing contest

Source: unotv