Security in Jalisco: Blockade and shooting on the Guadalajara-Ocotlán highway; there are two GN agents injured

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Blockades and shootings were recorded on the Guadalajara-Ocotlán highway. There are allegedly two National Guard agents injured.

Through social networks, citizens have captured the shooting confrontations between armed civilians and agents of the National Guard and the Ministry of Public Security of Jalisco, near the town of Santa Rosa.

According to local media there are two National Guard officers injured, however, there is still no official version.

In addition, they also reported detonations on Allende Street, in a more central point of the municipality, for which the State Public Security Secretariat indicated that it is on alert.

Unofficially, it is stated that the alleged attackers are the crew members of a black Suburban truck and another vehicle with handmade armor, better known as “monster cars.”
Source: AM