Mazatlán City Council will not give construction permits on beaches

Edgar González Zatarain, municipal president of Mazatlán, explained that a construction was found in a federal zone, which did not have the necessary permits.

Mazatlán, Sin. -The City Council has not granted, nor will it grant, any permit for construction in the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial and beach Zone, said Mayor Edgar González Zatarain, after a new building will begin to rise in the palapas area, in Playa Norte.

What appears to be an extension/remodeling of one of these palapas that sells food was suspended on Monday, November 20, by the Sustainable Urban Development department as it did not have a construction license.

The municipality mentioned that a prior investigation was carried out to find out if the project had the endorsement of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and it was found that said section was concessioned by the federal agency since 2019 and expanded in 2021, although for No permit was processed for these works from the municipality.

“We have not granted that permit, for that reason since we detected that they were building, we did the process of investigating the file. They denied a lot of information, we had to fight a little and as a result of the suspension they are already approaching and information is beginning to flow”.

The concession issued by Semarnat allows a concrete firm foundation protected by a perimeter masonry wall of charcoal stone, a concrete bar in the kitchen area, a partition wall and a concrete floor.

And although it is true that the Secretariat issues Environmental Impact Manifestos grants concessions for the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone, no type of construction can be started if the City Council does not grant any license, since it is the municipality that issues land uses, in accordance with the different regulations and urban and territorial planning plans, recalled the mayor.

The mayor said that he is going to urge Semarnat to withdraw said concession, he will travel next week to Mexico City to discuss the issue and see what other similar projects are on the horizon, since the City Council’s position regarding these projects will be negative.

“It’s something inconsiderate, really, when do you move them? After they build, they expand it again and then they leave, when did they move the other palaperos? They have been expanding, growing, they are heading towards the beach, to the sides”.

If necessary, he added, he will call on the Mazatlacan people to defend the beaches.

“We are not going to allow that, I am going to make a constant call to defend the beaches, I put myself at the head of this defense as the first municipal authority, we cannot be allowing this arbitrariness, the beach of Mazatlán is going to end at this rate. Well, I am very upset by all this that is happening, because there are beaches like Pinitos that are filled with vendors, that beach is a mess that was one of the quietest beaches,” he added.

This stretch of Playa Norte is where the greatest impact of the effects of beach erosion has been noticed in recent years, leaving a rocky layer exposed.

Although coastal erosion is a natural and cyclical process, construction in beach areas directly influences the displacement and loss of sand sediments, since they cut off its natural renewal cycle.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan