They capture an alleged Nahual in a ranch in Oaxaca

Oaxaca.- Photographs of an alleged nahual on a ranch in a town in Oaxaca circulate through social networks.

According to the publications that circulate on networks, the sighting was captured by the Mayoral of the ranch and many residents affirm that the being is a supposed Nahual.

What is a nahual? A nahual, according to Mesoamerican beliefs, is a type of witch or supernatural being that has the ability to change the shape of an animal.

Nahualism is the practice or ability of some people to transform themselves into animals through witchcraft.

In the supposed interview with Román Ochoa, owner of the “Ojo de Agua” Ranch, he assures that there is a nahual roaming around.

And according to the tenants, the supposed nahual from Oaxaca would be a man identified as Benjamín, 32 years old.

The inhabitants mention that he is a witch from Catemaco, Veracruz, and that he would have made a pact with a low astral being to have the “gift” of transforming into an animal.

However, another version states that Benjamín has been contacting an extraterrestrial being that has appeared to him on several occasions, however, perhaps it is only a story from the town and the photos are only a montage to go viral on social networks.

Social media users reacted to the story and compared it to the legendary “chupacabra.” Others add that he could be a supernatural being through the hands or something diabolical.

But it is not ruled out that it is an image created with artificial intelligence.

Source: Debate