There is no  seafood like in Mazatlán, and the ‘foddies’ know it

The tiktoker and chef Gustavo Fernández tried and cooked very much in his style with 100 percent local products and described them as a gem that should be discovered by everyone

MAZATLAN.- For the influencers ‘foddies’ Mazatlán is a jewel that, yes or yes, has to be known throughout the world for the freshness of its gastronomy and especially for its flavor, at least for the tiktoker and chef Gustavo Fernández yes.

During his visit to the destination, in addition to eating and visiting traditional seafood carts and country restaurants, he put on his gloves and raised his knife so as not to be left without the experience of preparing something local.

“The idea is to try and right now we are making content and we are promoting the topic of tourism here in Mazatlán and the invitation is, part one, to get to know, and the other is to express what Mazatlán is doing, because I think it is a gem that It is hidden and needs to be made known throughout Mexico.”

If Mazatlan has something to boast about, among other things, it is its gastronomy, it is its way of preparing a ceviche, knowing how to identify which fish or seafood is fresh and how you can prepare it and expose it to the world, but, above all, Let them try it, it is their main mission.

You know Samantha Guzmán as ‘Hey I’m Not Chef’ and she and Gustavo mixed flavors and culinary techniques to prepare a fresh dorado, with black sauces and different chilies that you may soon see on their social networks.

She expressed that, on social networks, her followers have expressed their desire for the gastronomy of Mazatlán, even many who do not know it, which, she added, is a sign for them to take the opportunity to visit it.

Source: Punto