The great Oyster Festival 2023 in Altata that you cannot miss!

Altata, Navolato, is preparing to welcome seafood lovers with the long-awaited Oyster Festival 2023. This event, scheduled for December 2, promises to immerse attendees in a unique experience, from tastings to nightly entertainment.

The coordinator of the Zafra Marina program of the Committee of Companies Producing Marine Species and Bivalve Mollusks (COPEMBI), Sergio Joel Niebla Rodríguez, guided our exploration with the purpose of sharing the history behind oyster production and encouraging community interest. at the 2023 Oyster Festival.

The event will not only be a feast for seafood lovers, but also a tribute to the work of local producers. Around 50,000 farmed oysters are expected to be enjoyed during the event, setting the stage for a possible Guinness record in future events. Admission is free, but enthusiasts can purchase bracelets for 50 pesos, giving them the privilege of enjoying all the oysters they want during the festival. Everyone is invited to participate in this unique culinary experience!

The COPEMBI initiative not only seeks to offer a day of fun, but also to promote local oyster production. With 45 crops in Altata and Ahome, rigorously monitored by the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COESPRIS), the safety and quality of the product is guaranteed. The resulting certification allows the export of oysters to the United States, consolidating Sinaloa as a leader in the maritime industry.

Visiting the oyster farms not only allowed us to understand the process behind this seafood delicacy, but also highlighted the dedication and effort of local producers. Mr. Marco Polo Sauceda, with more than 20 years of experience in this type of business, revealed to us the details of the hard work involved in taking the oyster from its seed stage to its export.

It is not only a gastronomic event, it is an opportunity to appreciate the economic and social contribution of oyster production. This sector generates more than 900 direct jobs, involving the communities of Ahome and Navolato, and around 600 to 700 indirect jobs during the oyster harvest. Furthermore, the oyster, in addition to being a delicacy, plays a vital ecological role as a natural water purifier.

Join the 2023 Oyster Festival in Altata and discover the maritime wealth of Sinaloa, where tradition, flavor and community converge in a unique celebration.

Source: Tus Buenas Noticias