Will Target arrive in Mexico? They launch these vacancies on LinkedIn

There are many global brands that still do not have a presence in Mexico and with how important the country has become for many companies; they have been announcing their arrival in the most creative ways. This is the case of the unknown of the possible arrival of the Target brand and retail store on Mexican soil, and all due to a series of job vacancies that the company published on the social network LinkedIn.

Having a population of more than 120 million people, Mexico is a great place for any brand that wants to enter the global market. In that sense, that is one of the main reasons, also not only because it is a very large market, but also because it has trade agreements with the destination country and it is very close to the United States, one of the essential places for any company.

All of this, the consumer is very receptive, where data from the global study Origin of Brands by Nielsen, highlights that when it comes to products in the personal care, home and technology categories, Mexicans prefer global brands, but choose national ones. if it’s food.

The research highlights that, in Mexico, global brands are even more important to consumers, with a 55 percent preference compared to 46 percent for national brands.

Will Target arrive in Mexico?

This year many global companies arrived on Mexican soil, launching stores, factories and even products designed for the Mexican consumer.

Now several vacancies on the social network LinkedIn have surprised and the American warehouse chain Target Corporation would be looking for several positions for its business in Mexico.

These vacancies open the possibility that the brand founded in Minneapolis, United States, in 1962 and which occupies the sixth largest retail company in that country, opens its first store in the country, although to date the brand has not has confirmed it.

According to the vacancies found on the professional platform LinkedIn, the brand is looking for a Senior Manager, Responsible Sourcing, to work in “Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mexico”.

“As Senior Responsible Sourcing Manager, you will be part of the team that is developing the responsible sourcing oversight function that allows us to be a progressive force for good,” reads the description of the vacancy, which states that it is in person. .

Another vacancy is for: Senior Manager, Responsible Sourcing, Senior Sourcing Manager, Sourcing Manager, Senior Fabric Engineer and Senior Production Engineer, all to work in person in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.

None of the brand’s vacancies explains how much the salary it offers or more details about the positions, so it generates more mystery.

It is not the first brand to surprise with its applications on LinkedIn, this is what happened with Tesla after it announced the construction of one of its factories on Mexican soil, which has left several job vacancies for people.

And this is how companies can see the Mexican market, moving their distribution to present unique and innovative products to the consumer, within the portfolio of existing companies.

Source: Merca 20