Mansions and buildings for real estate projects demolish in Tampico

The collapse of old buildings and mansions on the main avenues of Tampico has increased in recent weeks due to real estate development that seeks to make way for new constructions.

Greater real estate activity has been observed on the main roads, such as Miguel Hidalgo Avenue, Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard and the perimeter in front of Laguna del Carpintero. Verónica González Acosta, president of Ampi, acknowledged that up to 100 business transactions are carried out per month, whether sales or rentals.

Sales and rents have experienced significant growth. “All the real estate agencies in the area are busy; this sector is very promising. Among all the agents, an average of 100 transactions are carried out per month, between sales and rentals. The sale and rental of properties is a continuous activity,” said González. Acosta.

Tampico, favorite for new investments and projects

This increase in real estate activity is due to recent investment announcements in Tampico, such as the arrival of a Marriott hotel with an investment of 25 million dollars, as well as an aquarium and a recreational park in the vicinity of Laguna del Carpintero.

These projects generate more trust among developers. In addition, one more initiative has been announced in Punta Loma and a commercial plaza with a hotel on Tamaulipas Avenue in Ciudad Madero, with an investment of 30 million pesos.

It is also planned to build five small shopping plazas in the northern area of Tampico, Las Torres Avenue, Monterrey Avenue and the boulevard, among other places.

“There has been a lot of commercial movement on Tamaulipas Avenue in Ciudad Madero, where Arteli Miramar is located. It is an area leading to the beach where new businesses have arrived,” revealed Víctor Gonzali, vice president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

In addition, a project is being carried out for a shopping plaza and a four-story hotel, located near Banamex on Tamaulipas Avenue. This project is expected to be completed in two years.

When investors look for places to open new businesses, they focus on the corridors with the greatest potential, such as Faja de Oro, Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard, Perimetral and the golden zone.

“Plaza Crystal and 3 Arcos will be reactivated with the arrival of commercial chains, which will encourage merchants to consider these plazas again, which were among the first in the city,” González Acosta added.

“We see this as something positive, since the interest in investing in new stores and plazas benefits our economy,” concluded González Acosta.

Despite the economic contraction in the United States, no impact has been recorded in Mexico, especially in Tampico, where there has been an increase in investment in new projects, which is why the collapse of old buildings and mansions in the main avenues of the port has increased in recent weeks.

Source: El Sol de Tampico