Apartment rents in Tampico could double this season, what is the reason?

The high season for renting houses and apartments in southern Tamaulipas is coming. Many people rent them to rest during the summer holidays and others rent them to move to a place closer to their children’s school or because of a job change.

This rental process increases up to 100% in this quarter of the year, revealed real estate specialists.

“For us real estate agents, the months of July and August are when there is less movement in sales, because those who buy in those months go on vacation, they are attentive to schools and registrations, so the residential market calms down, but there is a lot of movement in rentals,” commented the specialist and partner of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (Ampi) Tampico, Jorge Torres.

He explained that the demand depends on the line of business and the segment to which the property is directed, but he acknowledged that rents rise up to 100%.

“There is a surge in rent movement, because there is a change of school or work and even cities, people go to live elsewhere and at this time of year the moves are made, the most rented houses and apartments in the middle segment, residential in Tampico, Madero and Altamira range from six to seven thousand pesos, up to 15 and 18 thousand pesos and residences above 18 thousand pesos.”

If it is a family with children or a couple or a single person, the rent will depend on the space required, explained Torres.

Airbnb rentals have had a great growth in Playa Miramar, where even more apartment buildings with sea views are being built for this segment, due to the great demand of this market, what is built sells very quickly, he mentioned.

During these summer vacation dates many of the rentals are temporary, on Airbnb you can find apartments near the sea, there is a lot of demand for spaces in developments like Velamar, with prices from 5 thousand pesos per night onwards.

While in places like Cancun with ocean views it costs 7,402 pesos per night and in Puerto Vallarta it costs 4,143 pesos per night on average.

That is why rents in this summer month increase by up to 100% not only for living but for rest.

Source: elsoldetampico