American Airlines will arrive in Tijuana this 2024

Starting in 2024, American Airlines will begin operating flights from Tijuana

Starting in February 2024, new possibilities will open up for Tijuana travelers, as the famous American airline will begin operating flights between Tijuana Airport and Phoenix International Airport in Arizona.

This implies that it will become the first US airline to reach this region of Baja California. The official start date of operations is February 15, 2024. There are even scheduled times.

The schedules will be as follows: departures at 10:59 and will arrive in Tijuana at 11:14, while the return service is at 13:00 and arrival in Phoenix will be at 13:15. Tijuana will become, thanks to this, American Airlines’ 26th destination in Mexico.

According to a post by Aviation Consulting managing director Jared Harckham, Tijuana is a thriving manufacturing center. This city is currently benefiting from nearshoring while gaining notoriety as a culinary destination. Furthermore, he added that American Airlines has done the right thing by “recognizing a unique opportunity as a pioneer.”

Tijuana a frequent point for foreign travelers

Tijuana is one of the most frequent entry points for foreign travelers looking to enter Mexico and is also the main base for Mexico’s largest airline in terms of passengers, Volaris, so it will help with connectivity.

In addition, they have highlighted that one of the attractions of this new route is that travelers flying from any Mexican destination can purchase a ticket to Tijuana with a pass through the Cross Border Xpress (CBX). This binational bridge makes it easier to cross into the United States without leaving the Tijuana Airport.

Source: San Diego Red