The National Wool and Brass Fair is inaugurated in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, Gto. With the 45th edition of the “National Wool and Brass Fair”, the promotion of the talent of local artisans is strengthened.

The Best Small City in the World began its annual expo this day where, supporting the economy of San Miguel families, Mayor Mauricio Trejo inaugurated this cultural space and toured each of the exhibition and sales spaces, where he personally recognized the talent and effort of the participating San Miguel families.

From this November 24 to December 3 in the Main Garden, San Miguel residents, tourists and visitors will be delighting in one of the most important fairs in the country, since, due to the magic it encompasses and the quality of local crafts, it continues standing out as one of the expos with the greatest national and international relevance.

As for the objects and pieces that can be purchased, the decoration and gift products stand out such as: mirrors, lamps, rugs, hearts and capes, all handmade by San Miguel families, from communities such as: La Cieneguita, Vivienda de Abajo, Presa Allende and Agustín González and colonies such as: Santa Cecilia, San Luis Rey, San Rafael, Ignacio Ramírez, La Estación, Allende, Jardines, San Felipe, Mexiquito, San Martín and San Antonio.

“Thank you for continuing to do what you do. What you do is craftsmanship, because it is art and making art is generally done with your hands. I know that you (do it) and as long as we are here, we are not going to allow it to become extinct (the San Miguel craftsmanship). It seems that we are few, but we offer a lot, there is no doubt about that” expressed Mauricio Trejo.

After living with the entire artisan sector, Mauricio Trejo welcomed all attendees to this edition that will be historic, having the largest number of exhibitors, exceeding 50 stands, who will present unique pieces based on metalwork and wool, two of the artisanal branches that are part of the identity of the municipality.

For this edition, the “National Wool and Brass Fair” around 50,000 buyers and lovers of these unique pieces are expected, since this traditional event returned to the Main Garden by instruction of President Mauricio Trejo and is highly attended.

Appreciating the space that improves her family economy through her talented craft, San Miguel artisan María Elizabeth Buenos, highlighted the value of her work and that of her fellow exhibitors:

«A lot of joy, excitement to be part of San Miguel de Allende, which is a culture of the artisans of San Miguel de Allende. It is important because we recognize each other, because sometimes we are behind the stores and now we do carry out our work and with effort that is how we survive.

For his part, Jorge Arriaga Flores, who has been exhibiting his crafts for several editions, showed his gratitude to President Mauricio Trejo: “we feel that support that, as I told him, since his administration began, he has supported us producers. Giving us this place that is the best place in San Miguel, to be able to market our crafts and thank God who gives us this opportunity and we hope that we continue to move forward and that they continue to give us these spaces to exhibit our work.”

Promoting the local economy, the San Miguel government continues to support artisan families so that their homes in Mexico and the world shine with the art and essence of San Miguel de Allende, because the talent of its people is better every day.

Source: Zona Franca