Fonatur auctions off 33 properties located in Cancún and Cozumel; hopes to win a millionaire sum

The National Tourism Promotion Fund announced that they expect to obtain 594 million pesos from the sale of 13 properties located in Cancún, as well as another 236 million pesos for another 20 properties in Cozumel, which were sold public tender as announced on November 16 in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

This was announced at a press conference by José Manuel Leyva Elston, Fonatur delegate in Cancún, who announced that it is not a single tender, but that more sales procedures will come this year, although he did not specify how many land there are that Fonatur still has in the Comprehensively Planned Centers (CIP) such as Cancún, Loreto, Los Cabos Ixtapa and Huatulco.

He acknowledged that the sale in a single tender of a total of 373 properties in the tourist areas developed by Fonatur is totally new, since the agency had never before auctioned off its territorial reserve in this way.

The 13 lots for sale in Cancun are located in the area known as Lomas de Vista Hermosa, with starting prices ranging from 11 to 107 million pesos, while the other 20 properties located in the Marina Cozumel start from 3.8 up to 72 million pesos.

The rest of the Fonatur land reserve put up for sale consists of another 268 properties in Loreto and Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and a minimal part in Huatulco, Oaxaca and Ixtapa, Guerrero.

Rumors of disappearance

In the case of Cancún, Fonatur is in charge of the maintenance, cleaning and operation of the wastewater treatment plants in the hotel zone, but the official said he was unable to disclose the number of resources used this year to these tasks in Cancún.

He also said he was unable to confirm or deny a possible departure or disappearance of Fonatur and the consequent cessation of its maintenance work, since currently all decisions are being made from Mexico City, although he confirmed that working groups have already been established with municipal authorities on this topic.

“That is information that Fonatur Social Communication will provide at the time, today we make you aware of the dynamics we bring for sale, to obtain resources that can be allocated to social work that the government determines”.

He confirmed that Fonatur’s maintenance work in the hotel zone is ongoing and they have no instructions to stop providing these services for the moment.

It is worth remembering the rumor of the departure or disappearance of Fonatur originated after last October, the head of the federal Ministry of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, announced during his appearance in the Chamber of Deputies that Fonatur will transfer resources to the municipalities so that these are the ones that maintain the fully planned centers like Cancún.

“Part of Fonatur’s income will be transferred to the municipalities for maintenance, trust will be delegated to the municipalities to continue with the maintenance, but it will not stop, it will continue, but rather more efficient.”

Source: El Economista