Jara and Oaxaca government officials are accused of using public resources to criticize Xóchitl Gálvez

The Electoral Court determined that the Morenoist governor improperly used government resources and violated principles of impartiality to try to dissuade support for the current opposite Front candidate.

The governor of Oaxaca, Salomón Jara Cruz (Morena), as well as various officials of his administration, made improper use of public resources and violated principles of impartiality, equity and neutrality by issuing comments aimed at discouraging support for Xóchitl Gálvez, current presidential candidate. of the PRI, PAN and PRD parties.

The above was determined by the Specialized Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF), in relation to the dissemination and transmission of a press conference held on August 21, in which the president made comments criticizing the then senator, who was then participating in the internal process of the Front for Mexico.

In said conference, Jara assured that the current candidate had declared that the inhabitants of the southern states of the country were not accustomed to working eight hours a day and expressed that it would be negative for her to win the 2024 presidential elections, violating the principles of impartiality.

“For a lady like her, imagine, what would come for our country if she represented us tomorrow there in the National Palace, knock on wood, she’s not going to make it, right?” questioned the governor.

In a public session, the magistrates determined that these expressions by the president were intended to dissuade support in favor of Xóchitl Gálvez

Given this behavior, the plenary session approved giving a hearing to the Congress of Oaxaca to determine “what is legally appropriate” to sanction Jara Cruz.

Furthermore, the magistrates, in their ruling 39/2023, determined that Elizabeth Álvarez Acosta, coordinator of Social Communication of the government of Oaxaca, is also considered responsible for the dissemination of said conference; Óscar Javier Mateos Mendoza, director of Digital Communication, and Gildardo Arturo Elorza García, head of the Digital Communication Department, both members of the Social Communication Coordination of the government of Oaxaca.

The responsibility of Eulogio Daniel Hernández Juárez, general director, was also declared; Maribel Mendoza Ramírez, office manager of the News Directorate, and Gabriela Ruiz Espinoza, level 01 assistant, all of them officials of the Oaxacan Radio and Television Corporation.

Regarding the sanctions against these state officials, the electoral court ordered “to give notice to the Secretariat of Honesty, Transparency and Public Function of the state of Oaxaca to determine what is legally appropriate.”

Source: El Universal