They release the 3 journalists deprived of their liberty in Taxco, Guerrero

The Guerrero State Prosecutor’s Office reported that journalists Nayssa “N”, Alberto “N”, Marco Antonio “N” were released.

Also Guadalupe “N”, wife of Marco Antonio “N”, after the reinforcement of search operations and the deployment of federal and state security authorities, in the Northern Region of the Entity.

The above was announced through a statement issued by the state agency, in which they establish that “this justice institution obtained proof of life and the appearance of the victims before the corresponding Public Ministry, in accordance with the approved protocol for searching for missing persons.”

However, Alberto “N”, son of journalist Marco Antonio, remains missing, which is why ministerial agents, personnel from the Mexican Army, the National Guard, the State Police and the State Persons Search Commission continue with the search operations through tours and the deployment of troops in said area.

On November 23, according to police reports, in two different events, the reporter Marco Antonio Toledo Jaimes and the communicator, Nayssa Arce Avilés were deprived of their freedom.

On Sunday, November 19, armed men took reporter Marco Antonio Toledo Jaimes, his wife, Guadalupe Denova Flores, and his son Alberto Toledo from the home known as Huixteco, between the Guadalupe and Agua Blanca neighborhoods.

On November 22, communicator Nayssa Arce Avilés and her husband Alberto Sánchez were deprived of their freedom.

Due to threats, she received from organized crime, Silvia Nayssa closed her news portal “La Pulga Biónica”.

The United Nations (UN) in Mexico condemned the disappearance of three journalists in the city of Taxco, Guerrero, and called on state and federal authorities to “efficient coordination to search for the five victims alive.”

On Friday, Luis Rodríguez Bucio, Undersecretary of Public Security of the Ministry of Security (SSPC), reported that the federal government is already working on the case of the three journalists who disappeared in Taxco, Guerrero.

In a brief interview with the media after the morning conference, the undersecretary indicated that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was informed of this case at the meeting of the federal security cabinet.

Source: El Universal