Guanajuato registers 189 road deaths in cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians

Over the course of this year, there have been 189 road deaths, of which 40 occurred in the municipality of León.

The majority of these deaths in Guanajuato have been recorded among pedestrians (76), then motorcyclists (74), and then cyclists (30), according to the record kept by Ni Una Muerte Vial.

Of the total, the majority of cases, the people who died on the road were men (155) and women (32).

Ni una Muerte Vial in its statistics also discloses the status of those responsible, although not all cases. According to documentation, there are 40 people detained, 25 who have not been identified and 20 people who fled.

In the particular case of León, the municipality where there is the highest incidence, 18 skaters, 10 motorcyclists and 10 cyclists have lost their lives during the year.

The report details that of these deaths, 35 men and five women have occurred. Compared to state statistics, there is no status of those responsible here.

The municipalities where the most fatal road accidents were recorded were León, Irapuato, Salamanca, Silao and Celaya

In addition, Guanajuato is the third entity nationwide with the most deaths of pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, only below the State of Mexico and Veracruz.

León has five most dangerous roads: Inegi

According to the data registry of Land Traffic Accidents in Urban and Suburban Areas in Mexico published by Inegi between the years of 2019 and 2022, the roads where the most accidents occurred are: Adolfo López Mateos, Francisco Villa, Airport boulevards, Juan Alonso de Torres, José María Morelos, Hermanos Aldama.

Source: Zona Franca