Los Muertos Beach Pier Reopened in Puerto Vallarta

After an investment of 12.5 million pesos in rehabilitation, the Los Muertos Beach Pier in Puerto Vallarta was reopened.

During his visit to the city, the governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, accompanied by the mayor of Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, carried out the reopening of this emblematic place.

This space – said the president – was already suffering from the passage of time, the structure was very damaged and a comprehensive reconstruction had to be done, an investment of 12.5 million pesos “which was worth it, because it looks beautiful right now, at night.” It looks spectacular. “A whole new lighting system was put in,” he explained.

In this regard, Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works, David Zamora, said that all the beams of the structure were reinforced with carbon fiber as well as that the entire structure had to be assembled and all the corroded parts removed and protection was given to the entire structure in general and the benches that were badly damaged were rehabilitated. In addition, the area where tourists embark and disembark was reinforced.

At the same time, the Governor said that the place will be equipped with Red Jalisco infrastructure so that it has high-speed internet.

Source: Quadratin