Durango will remain a competitive city

The first place in the urban competitiveness index in cities that have from 500 thousand to 1 million inhabitants, which Durango currently occupies, is positive but also represents a commitment to work intensely to maintain it in issues such as economy and infrastructure where it must be redouble the effort, said Mayor Toño Ochoa.

“We are happy, not satisfied of course, because there are always areas of opportunity to improve a lot, the truth is that we are in first place in cities with 500 thousand to one million inhabitants fills us with pride, but we have to redouble our effort, this “It fills us with commitment and to continue along the path of alliance between society and government,” he said.

He added that these are results that occur in the work together with the State Government, “mainly in finances, there is stability, there is no indebtedness, this is what the study establishes,” to indicate that the work to maintain adequate finances will continue healthy that allow for economic stability in the municipality of Durango, to invest in what citizens ask for, which is pavement, water and security.

He recalled that it is a first place in the IMCO urban competitiveness index, in which several parameters are rated, “that we are first of all full of commitment to continue working, to not give up; “We are certain that we are on the right path.”

Regarding his possible participation in the 2024 electoral process, Toño pointed out that “I will listen to my heart, I am still married to Durango, the truth is we have great challenges, advancing in the Children’s Hospital, also in the Parque Lineal, the issue of security, we bring water projects that are important, we have to work on giving sustainability to water, which is a fundamental asset with security so that companies turn to see Durango,” he indicated.

Source: Contacto Hoy