In Mexico, Oaxacan Flavors Meet Japanese Omakase For Unique Dining Experiences

Mexico and Japan may span continents, but their respective cuisines aren’t quite as distanced as their geographies. Across Mexico’s state of Oaxaca, omakase restaurants are embracing the flavors and styles of Japan — but with a Mexico-inspired twist.

At its simplest explanation, omakase refers to the Japanese style of dining where the chef makes the decisions on behalf of the customer. In fact, omakase loosely translates to some version of: “I trust you, chef.” These restaurants seat diners at sushi counters, where they enjoy multiple courses designed by the chef in question. These meals typically rely on whatever food comes fresh, available, and relevant to the specific day, so there are opportunities for variation and flexibility — all depending on the chef’s judgment call. These meals typically last a few hours, with small dishes and ample chances to engage with the chef. That chef may even decide what goes on the plate during the course.

Nami is a soon-to-open sushi omakase restaurant in Puerto Escondido, a coastal Mexico town a few hours from the city of Oaxaca. The restaurant will be located on the grounds of the new hotel OCN Resorts & Residences, but will require reservations from the resort’s guests. In line with its origin, the restaurant is all about the omakase-style of eating but with ingredients from the state of Oaxaca.

As for what, exactly, these ingredients are, think local. The restaurant relies on foods and flavors that are accessible — and inspired by the resort’s surroundings.

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