Mazatlán breaks its own record… more than 1.4 million tourists arrive

The numbers don’t lie and Mazatlán continues to break its own records in terms of tourism, almost 1 million 500 thousand passengers have already visited the destination, for work or leisure, being at the top of the airports with the most passengers from top to bottom.

According to the Grupo Aeroportuario Centro y Norte Traffic Report, the Mazatlán International Airport has more and more mobility. In November, 144,074 passengers arrived, that is 9.9 percent more than in November of last year, which had 131,747 passengers.

In August, Mazatlán added 1 million passengers so far this year, which means that, in three months, more than 458 thousand passengers entered, and this is noticeable with the arrival of flights from the United States and Canada.

From January to November, Mazatlán then achieved 1 million 548 thousand 427 passengers, that is, more than 242 thousand 903 passengers than in 2022, which reported 1 million 305 thousand 524 passengers.

Which low season?

Before, tourism was identified by the seasons, mostly by holidays, whether Easter, summer and winter; However, a few years ago that ended in Mazatlán and tourism has dispersed throughout the year.

Many are out for a walk, others are on business, especially from August to December, which combines summer tourism with conference and convention tourism, and in October, the arrival of foreign tourism from the United States and Canada. And if you add sports tourism, Mazatlán leaves the low and high seasons behind.

Mazatlán in the top 5 airports

Among the OMA Group airports, Mazatlán is in the top 5 of the airports with the highest passenger flow. First, there is Monterrey, Nuevo León with 12 million 185 thousand 708 passengers; Culiacán, Sinaloa, in second place, with 2 million 406 thousand 626; in third place, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua with 2 million 84 thousand 104 passengers; and Mazatlán in fifth place with 1 million 458 thousand 427 passengers

 Source: Punto