Occupancy in small hotels in Playa del Carmen rises to 70%

The hotel sector expects to reach peaks of up to 95% in the last days of December.

Small hotels in Playa del Carmen have begun to register slight increases in occupancy, going from 50% in November to 70% in the first 10 days of December.

Carlos Jiménez Jiménez, director of Tourism Promotion of the Municipality of Solidaridad, said that they expect to reach peaks of up to 95% in the last days of December.

“Small hotels are rising, the last report we had from the Association of Small Hotels tells us that they are already at 70%, when in previous months they were at 50%, they have a tendency to rise and they expect to reach 90%. %, speaking of the hotels that are on Fifth Avenue, on 10th Street, these belong to this organization,” said Jiménez Jiménez.

Currently, tourism can already be seen in the main points of interest in the city. Hoteliers expect strong registrations starting in the last week of December.

The influx is not only recorded in small hotels, but also in vacation rentals, another segment that, although criticized by hoteliers, also provides tourist units.

“Surely by the end of the year we will have data on vacation rentals. At the end of August they were at 50,” said Carlos Jiménez.

In general, the Riviera Maya already presents good numbers. According to figures provided by the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, until December 8, an average of 82% occupancy was recorded in around 55 thousand hotel rooms in the destination.

The highest peak was reached on the 8th of this month, with 84%, while the lowest occurred on the 1st with 79%. The Riviera Maya is located above Cancun, which has an average of 79% in the first days of December.

With this activity, it is expected that various sources of employment will be ensured, both direct and indirect. The decline will begin to be registered until the beginning of January to rise again during the long holiday periods that will occur at the beginning of the year.

 Source: Sipse