Goodbye, cowboys! 34 National Guard dogs retire

With a ceremony, the National Guard retired 34 dogs that participated in human rescue efforts, as well as in the detection of drugs, weapons, explosives and banknotes.

During the event, their work in airports, bus stations, customs, prisons and tourist areas was recognized, in addition to locating people in emergency situations.

The commitment and dedication of the National Guard handlers was also highlighted, who lived for seven years or more with these dogs of breeds such as Belgian Mallinois, German Shepherd or Labrador.

Some of the dogs have health conditions that prevent them from continuing in service or are already elderly, so the National Guard put them up for adoption.

The president of the Mexican Dog Breeding Federation, José Luis Payro Dueñas, thanked the great response to the call for families interested in adopting one of these National Guard dogs. He said each selected home was rigorously inspected to ensure the best conditions during its final years of life.

“We understand that it is sad for the members of the National Guard to say goodbye to their colleagues, with whom some lived for up to 13 years, but it is also an honor for the selected families to have a canine that is a hero and who served our country, Mexico,” he said.

As part of the protocol, a final training of the canine pairs was carried out, at which time each of the dogs in retirement was named, from which their cape with the emblem of the National Guard was removed, and then be received by the members of your new family.

The ceremony was led by the commander of the National Guard, Commissioner General David Córdova Campos, and was attended by a representative of the United States Embassy in Mexico.

 Source: El Sol de Mexico