Canadian tourism returns to Acapulco to spend winter

At least 500 Canadians loyal to Acapulco come to hotels and also resort to non-hotel offers this holiday season

Despite the severe damage suffered by hoteliers and condominiums in Acapulco due to the strong winds of Hurricane Otis, Canadian tourists loyal to this beach destination will come to spend the winter season.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents (AMAV), branch in Guerrero, Levi Williams estimated that of the total number of Canadians who visited Acapulco at least 25 or 30 percent intend to come, “support because they have a lot of appreciation for port”.

“In terms of flights that we have seen, we estimate that around 200 to 500 Canadians could now be intending to travel to Acapulco in the next month.”

He mentioned that the majority of Canadians visit Acapulco for up to three months and come to hotel and non-hotel offers, “but we depend a lot on this project of actually delivering the rooms that have been agreed upon with the private initiative and that the owners of the properties of the non-hotel offer rehabilitate their properties.”

Levi Williams pointed out that Canadian tourism travels by air and land; but they could be arriving in Acapulco at the end of December to spend the end of the year and in mid-January.

On the other hand, he announced that the issue of promotion has now moved into a second stage because the recovery of Acapulco will be disseminated and how hotel services, tourist transportation and flights are gradually being activated.

He recalled that there is a commitment for 3 thousand hotel rooms to be available in the middle of this month of December to be offered.

“We have to promote how these services are gradually activated and we have to be creative in creating a new tourist product and we are practically starting from scratch with the promotion of the new Acapulco.”

He mentioned that it will be about promoting how Acapulco will re-emerge as a new product, a new Acapulco.

“We are urging tourism entrepreneurs to be creative and not only remodel their property but also create a room with a new concept, a hotel where they offer a new product that is more in line with current events,” he said.

 Source: El Sol de Acapulco