Rosario Grottoes: the unprecedented landscape of Durango

The municipality of Lerdo, Durango, keeps a spectacular treasure. These are the Rosario grottoes, located in the vicinity of the Vicente Suárez ejido mountain range, in the municipality of Lerdo.

From Vicente Suárez you have to travel 10 kilometers of dirt road to reach the underground treasure that the caves protect.

Upon arrival, you still have to go down a 200-step staircase inserted into the mountain.

As the story goes, on December 17, 1964, two miners were extracting phosphorus in the Grutas del Rosario mine, and suddenly a hollow sound was heard in one of the walls, which caught their attention. So, the workers approached and it was they who discovered this spectacular site.

Since that date the area has been under the protection of the ejidatarios.

“It has been 55 years since this cave was discovered. It is an opening towards the hollow of the mountain range and, obviously, they also gave it the same name, ‘the Rosario Grottoes’, where we can find a great phenomenon, natural formations, stalactites formed by the same filtration of water, where all the water that concentrates with the rain, falls and forms different figures that people have imagined.”

The whimsical rock formations created by drops of water and mineral salts resemble logs, whales, giraffes, and musical instruments, such as a piano.

Visitors are amazed by the stalactite formations.

“The growth of stalactites, how they form, how many years they take there. They even saw the test I gave them up there with the stalactite above. With the stalactite below, it has been growing for approximately 10 to 30 years above.”

One of the wonders that can also be seen inside these caves are the small lakes that are formed by the drops of water that fall over time.

Source: Uno TV