US residents fight back and kill assailants in Guanajuato

Attempted assault on civilians leaves two criminals murdered and two victims injured in Abasolo

Abasolo, Guanajuato.- Two assailants – a woman and a man – were shot to death while struggling with three men, whom they tried to stole their truck and cash that they had just exchanged for dollars.

During the struggle, two of the three victims, who defended themselves to avoid the robbery with violence, were also wounded by gunshots.

The incident occurred around 11:15 in the morning this Tuesday on Echegaray Street, almost on the corner of Lerdo Street, one block from the main garden and two blocks from the Municipal Presidency.

In full traffic, high commercial area and abundant pedestrian crossing.

According to officials from the Abasolo Municipal Police, two brothers aged 43 and 40, one of them identified as José Miguel, as well as another man identified as Juan de Dios Santos Sierra, arrived days ago from the United States to the community of Huitzatarito, in order to spend the December holidays.

This Tuesday, they decided to go to the central area of Abasolo to exchange dollars, in a black double cabin pickup truck with American license plates, which they brought from the United States.

They changed the American bills into Mexican currency, left the exchange house and walked to the parking lot, boarded the van to return to the community, but just as they left, they were approached by a woman and a man, the latter holding a firearm and pointed at them.

They sought to take the truck and the money from them, but those affected defended themselves and bravely attacked the assailant who was armed, while the woman boarded the truck through the driver’s seat to take off with it and escape from it.

However, during the struggle, several shots were fired that wounded the 43-year-old brother and Juan de Dios, but one of the shots also hit the female assailant, who apparently received the bullet in the head and remained lifeless in the driver seat of the car.

The brother who emerged unharmed, that is, José Miguel, 40 years old, finally managed to take the gun from the criminal. He wanted to run to escape, but the victim pointed it at him and in cold blood shot him and killed him.

The assailant fell in the middle of the street, behind the truck that moved forward and crashed into a pole and a candy store.

Witnesses called 911 to request help, while another relative of those affected arrived in a cherry truck, in which he took the two injured to a hospital where they are reported to be stable.

Municipal police, as well as elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army, arrived at the scene of the events to take care of the security of the place.

Half hours later, ministerial agents and Expert Services personnel from the State Prosecutor’s Office arrived.

For two hours they carried out the collection of evidence and then ordered the transfer of the two bodies to the Forensic Medical Service.

Source: AM