This is how tourists say goodbye to the year in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is one of the favorite destinations to welcome the New Year, as a ritual to travel more

MAZATLÁN.- One of the most famous rituals for the New Year is to go for a walk around your house with suitcases and many will say goodbye to the year … traveling to Mazatlán.

According to data from the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, the hotel occupancy for New Year’s Eve is at 90 percent, which means that Mazatlán is among the preferred beach destinations in the country.

The secretary Martín Ochoa López acknowledged that at the beginning of the month, the occupancy was at approximately 60 percent and it was not until December 26 that it increased, making itself noticed on the streets and the number of buses in Zona Dorada and the boardwalk.

“We hope to close the year well, lately the reports we have and even comments are that, if they do not have reservations, when they come, they do not find and then they have to stay where there is,” he said. The municipal official added that the popularity of Mazatlán in high seasons is that trips are no longer improvised, but planned; that is, the tourist can no longer arrive without prior reservation due to the number of tourists who visit the destination.

“They came for a weekend and stayed in a hotel, especially in high seasons … During the week we are always at 60 or 70 percent and on weekends it reaches full,” he said.

To this he added the cruise and air tourism. From January to November, Sedectur registered that, the also called “Pearl of the Pacific”, has received about 1 million 458 thousand 457 passengers through the Mazatlán International Airport and 489 thousand 623 cruisers in a total of 128 arrivals.

Data from the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat, estimate a closure of 2023 of approximately 4 million visitors only for Mazatlán.

How will Mazatlán do this 2024? Regarding the expectations for next year in terms of tourism, he assured that everything indicates that it will be a 2024 where the figures in relation to the number of visitors in the port will be surpassed by the number of events that will be held.

“A group of French and some Asians are coming and the Fiesta Inn is full with them. We already had people from NASA who are going to install themselves in the Aquarium, they are going to broadcast from Mazatlán for the NASA channel and the Mazatlán Hotel Association tells us that it is completely full,” he added.

Source: Punto