Procedures for new driver’s licenses start off on the wrong foot in Cancun

Only 6 licenses could be processed with the new state platform in charge of IMOVEQROO.

The issuance of driver’s licenses in Quintana Roo, by Imoveqroo, started this 2024 but with failures on the first day, in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, where only 6 licenses were achieved, all in Cancun with the new state platform.

Luis Alcázar, head of the Mobility Institute of the State of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo), detailed that it is expected that this day the service that started in the two cities with the highest demand will be reactivated.

“We started today with Cancun and Playa del Carmen, but we had an issue with the system and we had to suspend the issuance of licenses (…) The problem should be solved by tomorrow (today Wednesday) so that we can resume the issuance”.

He explained that the technical problem that arose in the central system was that the signature could not be digitized and, later, the documents could not be scanned either, so the system needs to be adjusted, so it was decided to suspend the issuance of licenses on the first day that Imoveqroo assumes the responsibility of issuing them.

“About six or seven licenses were issued here in Cancun, correctly, the procedure had to be repeated several times and we preferred to tell people not to wait and that they better return the next day, as the system should already be working without any problem”.

The official added that, in the same way, it is expected that tomorrow Imoveqroo will start the issuance of driver’s licenses in Felipe Carrillo Puerto and, later, in the other municipalities, to which the program and equipment will be installed, as well as the training to carry out this procedure.

As for the costs of issuing the licenses, the interviewee recalled that in the agreements between municipalities and Imoveqroo, the local governments were given the power to establish the prices of this procedure, although they were published by the institute. Likewise, Alcázar Urrutia commented that the requirements to obtain the driver’s license were standardized so that they are the same at the state level, since the driving certificate that must be issued by the Transit departments or the private schools that are endorsed by Imoveqroo, was only requested by some municipalities and now it will be mandatory.

To this, a proof of address, ID and, in the case of public transport, a toxicological test will be required, he added.

“These requirements are only for the first time, but today all the licenses are considered to be the first time, since it is the first time that a state base is formed and where biometric data is collected, for security issues, such as facial recognition, voice and fingerprint prints. Everything is digitized, nothing on paper, they are 100 percent digital files”.

The general director of Imoveqroo commented that, for the issuance of driver’s licenses, people from the Transit Directorate of the municipality attend, but they will be supervised by people from Imoveqroo so that it is done in accordance with the Law and Regulation of Mobility of the State.

The hours are from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 8 in the morning to one in the afternoon, although the hours can be adjusted in the municipalities, depending on the needs of each demarcation, he clarified.

Finally, he commented that this year it is expected that Imoveqroo will issue at least 250 thousand driver’s licenses throughout the state during this year.

Source: Sipse