The MARCO will highlight in 2024 artists from northern Mexico and gender issues

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO), will have 13 exhibitions this 2024 in which northern artists and gender issues will stand out, according to its director, Taiyana Pimentel.

“2024 will follow our discursive lines of 2023. In what sense? In the problems, that is, it will continue to give a place to the artists of the north of the country so that Marco has a responsibility to incorporate the history of Nuevo León into the history of art of the country”, he said in an interview.

The director indicated that the “museum will continue to attend those mid-career artists who have already occupied an international place in Mexico and who have not been reviewed until now”.

It will also address gender issues and highlight the role of women in the creation of contemporary art.

“The issue of the role of women in artistic creation and the museum will continue to develop new commissions, with the idea that artists can continue to create new artistic works,” he said.

It will also receive international exhibitions such as ‘Dan Flavin: Works from the Dia Art Foundation collection’, dedicated to the American minimalist artist, a pioneer in the use of light.

This will be the first exhibition of Flavin’s work in Mexico and Marco will produce it in collaboration with Dia Art Foundation in New York, financed with the support of the Fiscal Stimulus for the Arts (Efiarte).

“Here comes the great work of Dan Flavin, we are not talking about little pieces”, he said.

He pointed out that the work of the American artist is transcendental for contemporary art and is the great exhibition of the year for Marco.

Another of the shows is the first review of the career of the artist Jorge Méndez Blake, who comes from the Cabañas Museum in Guadalajara.

“We are also going to have an exhibition that reviews the new positions through painting in art. There will be three new commissions, one by the artist from Mexico City Ana Segovia, who came to Monterrey to do a whole investigation related to the genre of how the cowboy is represented”, he added.

In addition, the Patio de las Esculturas will also have an active program in proposals by emerging and contemporary artists.

On the other hand, Pimentel said that Marco closed 2023 with a positive balance by recovering 40% of the public that had been lost during the pandemic.

“I would make a positive balance for 2023 from different aspects. First. I think the public grew. We have recovered 40% of the public that we had lost during the pandemic, approximately”, he revealed.

“We have not yet reached the figure before the pandemic, but I am telling you that we are going to close the year with 207,000 visitors and the figure before the pandemic was 250,000”, he detailed.

He added that Marco is raising its public index as it is happening in the museums of the world.

“We will still have to recover 20% or 25%, no more”, he said.

He also highlighted that “Marco will close 2023 without debt” and with healthy finances.

Source: Forbes