Mazatlán in Monterrey? This restaurant will make you feel at the beach

This amazing place will make you live the experience of being in Mazatlán, but in regal lands.

Imagine feeling the sea breeze, enjoying fresh seafood and relaxing on the beach, all without leaving regal lands! ‘El Mazatleco’ immerses you in the atmosphere of Mazatlán with hammocks, beach chairs and even sand, offering an authentic coastal experience in the heart of Monterrey.

The menu of this Beach Club is an ode to the Mazatlecan gastronomy, with more than 200 dishes to choose from. Also, on Wednesdays, do not miss the seafood buffet that will transport you directly to the shore.

If you are a lover of breakfasts, ‘El Mazatleco’ offers you a buffet from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for only 89 pesos and for an additional 60 pesos, enjoy juice refill, fresh waters or coffee to complement your morning experience.

But the surprises do not end here, because ‘El Mazatleco’ offers dynamics and promotions according to the day of the week. From nights with friends, drinks at 2×1, to contests of best pajamas, every day is a new adventure that you can enjoy in this unique space.

And for the experience to be even more authentic, ‘El Mazatleco’ presents live music that will transport you directly to the vibrant streets of Mazatlán.

Where is El Mazatleco located?

This place is located in the municipality of Escobedo, within the Plaza Animol, on Raúl Salinas Lozano Avenue, Joyas de Anáhuac neighborhood.

You can make your reservation through their social networks ‘El Mazatleco Mty’ or by calling 81-28-67-93-26.

Source: MVS Noticias