Querétaro Airport will register 1 million 800 thousand passengers, estimates Sedesu

With the number of passengers that the Querétaro International Airport (AIQ) had from January to November last year, an annual growth of 54.2% was recorded, announced the head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Del Prete.

He pointed out that in those months the AIQ received more than one million 610 thousand passengers and, with the movement that will add up in December, it is estimated that the airport will close with around one million 800 thousand passengers.

He indicated that the growth of the airport also implies challenges, that is why remodeling projects are under development. In that sense, he pointed out that the Customs XXI Century program was implemented, for the revision of luggage and to make the departure time more efficient.

“With respect to the airport, also talking about modernizing it, the Customs XXI Century program was implemented, in which we eliminated the traffic lights in the international arrivals area. All the luggage is checked before it leaves by the luggage belt and already to go checking everything. The customs staff who are checking it can determine which suitcases are checked more deeply and which are not,” he said.

With the expansion of the last waiting room, the airport will have almost a thousand seats for passengers.

He recalled that with that project the image of the documentation counters was also renewed, and the efficiency of all the spaces was improved.

He recalled that this modernization project will also allow the installation of two telescopic corridors. He said that this action will be temporary, since this year they will work to build the new passenger terminal.

Currently, work is being carried out to modernize the airport facilities, and the work contemplates the expansion of the terminal building, the administrative offices and the last waiting room of the Querétaro International Airport (AIQ).

The work on the modernization of the airport system is expected to conclude at the end of the first quarter of the year, offering greater efficiency in air transport, reducing flight delays and increasing passenger handling capacity.

On another topic, he mentioned that the AIQ received in 2023 the world award for the best regional airport awarded by CAPA, an organization that is dedicated to evaluating not only airlines but also airports and service providers.

Source: El Universal