‘Chikilín’, a 2.30 meter tall man from Sinaloa asks for help to get winter clothing

The 31-year-old man had problems in his childhood with the growth hormone and reached a height of 2.30 meters, which among other things, makes it difficult for him to get dressed and shoes.

At 31, Leonel Campas García, known as ‘El Chikilín’, stands out as the tallest man in Sinaloa, with a height of 2.30 meters, although this has brought him consequences.

However, this characteristic represents problems in daily life, among other things, getting dressed and shoes, especially in this cold season.

For this reason, supported by local media, Leonel asked for help.

The notorious height of ‘El Chikilín’ is the result of a hormonal alteration, but that at 28 years old it was controlled, although the result is his size, which generates a constant need to adapt his environment to his measurements.

Neighbor of El Maquipo, Sinaloa, ‘El Chikilín’ uses garments that his mother makes for him, given the scarcity to find his size, although this does not always mean that it is adequate and he has very few garments, especially for the cold.

That is why, ‘El Chikilín’ makes a call for solidarity for people who live in the United States, where he says, there are more people of high stature, to help him get clothes.

The mechanic, by trade, wears size 5 XL clothes and size 18 Mexican shoes.

Leonel assures that with this support he will have the possibility of changing his life in a positive way, and he will be able to develop his activities.

‘El Chikilín’, completed his studies in open secondary school after he had to leave formal school, because his classmates made fun of him for his large size.

Source: Aristegui Noticias