A lot of people, but few sales, was the conclusion of the merchants on the Chapala boardwalk, during the winter holidays, who pointed out that last year it went better for them.

A couple of restaurateurs in the La Rampa area considered that sales have been normal as well as the rest of the year, while the receptionist of La Palapa del Guayabo rated the winter holiday season as “empty”, compared to last year.

“People pass by but don’t come in”, agreed two of the four interviewees in the restaurant area located west of the Chapala boardwalk.

The main factors that the interviewees highlighted is the economic downturn caused by the remodeling on Francisco I. Madero Avenue, the main entrance to the municipal seat, which makes the arrival of tourists to the boardwalk tedious.

The traffic problem is the main complaint of tourists, according to merchants of different types, both from the boardwalk and from downtown Chapala, who were interviewed by Semanario Laguna.

Another factor that the merchants highlighted was the weather, “when it is cloudy people don’t go out”, said Francisco, a hammock seller from Guerrero, who has lived in the municipality for eight years.

Despite the fact that the people from Guadalajara are used to walking by the lake on December 25 for Christmas, there was no comparison with last year, explained Antonio Rivera, owner of Lonchería Mary’s.

The musicians who work in the area were also consulted, those from the neighboring town of Mezcala, commented that their earnings did decrease this year and the current holiday season compared to the past.

While the representative of the Mariachi Águila de Chapala, expressed not having been so affected by the low tourism on the boardwalk, thanks to the private events they were hired for during the December season.

The tourist influx that the Chapala boardwalk obtained until the closing of this edition (December 28), still does not have official figures. The director of Tourism, Griselda Alcántar, replied in this regard: “I still don’t have that info ready”, through a text message; neither Firefighters, Civil Protection, or Public Security installed road points for the count of the vehicles that entered the municipality.

Source: Laguna