Cancun vacation rentals, out of Airbnb’s top 10; there are complaints

For the sixth consecutive year, Cancun is one of the three cities in Mexico with the highest growth of vacation rental units; however, quantity does not reflect quality in the case of the Mexican Caribbean: their spaces are rented less and less and when they do, they do not meet the needs of users.

The most recent report from the digital platform Airbnb, on the most hospitable coastal destinations of the 2023 December season, left Benito Juárez out of the top 10, being surpassed by Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco; Los Cabos, Baja California, Rocky Point, Sonora, among others.

Even Playa del Carmen and Cozumel surpassed Cancun with the highest percentage of five-star reviews from hosts, considering public attention, security of the area where it is located, services offered, cleanliness of the place and cost.

Although the report did not directly reveal the reasons why Airbnb consumers in Cancun are not happy, a quick visit to the accommodation centers of that city allowed to verify that there are three main complaints:

First, with 872 mentions, there is the alleged fraud: users reported that the house was very different from what was offered on the platform, lying on issues such as the presence of private pools, when in reality they are community; in addition to houses in deplorable condition.

As a second point with 529 mentions, in December, there is the location of the place: they reported that the host did not specify that the house is located away from the Hotel Zone, as in Villas del Mar; it is located in areas that they considered dangerous, such as Villas Otoch Paraíso; or simply lacks the sea view as promised.

As a third point, there is the lack of direct attention, since on 433 occasions the users pointed out that the owner of the house was not even in the city to take care of the damage or clarifications.

Even so, Cancun managed to position itself in the second place in Mexico with the most times it was added to the “Airbnb Wishlist” section, in the category “Beachfront”.

Although it does not offer specific data, the platform indicates that Cancun is one of the three cities with the highest number of Airbnb units in the Mexican Republic; while the Ministry of Tourism adds that at least five new units of this type appear in the city every week.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo